Home Inspections

A thorough home inspection is the most important way to protect the investment you have in your home.

Foresight Engineering & Inspections, LLCWe use latest codes and equipment to inspect all properties. Our highly educated Inspectors/Engineers will explain the home inspection process in understandable terms. There are many technical and complicated portions of a thorough inspection. For example, having an improper grade against a foundation can lead to a foundation failure, so while a foundation might pass a home inspection, knowing that the grade of the lot can create future problems is important, which is one of the many advantages to having our highly experienced Inspectors/Engineers inspect your home. Our Inspector/Engineer, during the entire Home Inspection, will take the time to explain how the various aspects and conditions of your property can affect the future value of your home investment.

A typical residential inspection may take approximately 2-4 hours depending on the complexity and number of problems encountered. The more the problems, the longer the time. The dedicated staff of Foresight Engineering, LLC. in the Houston metropolitan area encourages you to ask any questions during inspection and get answers to your concerns. The Foresight Professional Inspector/Engineer is always available to answer your questions and explain all parts of the inspection report.







Your Right Choice For Inspections… Foresight Engineering and Inspections, LLC.

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