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Service Entrance & Panels

We will observe that the mast, drop, and weather head are securely fastened for overhead power supply. All accessible main and subpanels will be opened and inspected for installation condition, location, covers, filled knock-outs, burnt insulation & overheating, type of wiring, wiring conditions and improper and unsafe wiring.

Lack of main/proper disconnects are reported including circuit wiring and its connections. Compatibility, size, and type of over-current protectors and conductors are inspected including presence/absence of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) in all required areas and operation. We will observe presence or lack of grounding rod and grounding electrode conductor and connections. We look for under-sized and oversized breakers for electrical equipment. We will inspect gutters, and subpanels for bonding and grounding and presence of disconnects where required, exposed wiring and junction boxes, conduit for location and termination.

Branch Circuits, Connected Devices & Fixtures

We will inspect all accessible receptacles to determine:

  1. Presence of power
  2. Correct Polarity
  3. Unit is grounded
  4. Evidence of arcing or excessive heating
  5. Unit is secured
  6. Cover is in place
  7. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are properly installed in bathrooms, exterior, garage, kitchen and swimming pool and operate correctly

We will inspect all accessible switches to determine:

  1. If operational
  2. Evidence of arching or excessive heating
  3. Fastened securely with covers

We will inspect all light fixtures to determine:

  1. If operational
  2. Evidence of arching or
  3. Fastened securely with covers

Where aluminum wiring is observed, we will open a large number of receptacles, switches &/or light fixtures and inspect for presence/absence of proper type of receptacles, switches and connections, and report all deficiencies including safety issues. We do inspect smoke detectors against latest safety and code requirements and for proper function ability of the smoke detectors by the use of artificial smoke.

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