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Foundation & Grading

The foundation is the most important item of the house and yet poorly inspected by many inspectors. The foundation keeps the integrity of the house together. Starting with general construction of the foundation and depending on type of foundation, we check for slab exposure, the distance of trees and shrubs relative to structural elements such as the roof line.
Our home inspection includes ventilation or lack of it, and crawl space or lack of it. Signs of distress in exterior wall structure, around doors, windows and other penetrations, and the foundation structure itself carefully examined as it relates to performance of foundation. Our Foresight Engineering inspector will look for proper/improper supporting materials. The grading and drainage around the property, is very important that it can affect the foundation.

Roofing & Support Systems

There are different types of roof designs and roofing materials. The roof is a structural element and requires a close inspection. We like to walk the roof and attic structure to examine the structural condition closely for any rotted or damaged materials including the drip edges, drip angles, missing/curling/damaged shingles, soffits, screens, ventilation and sufficiency of ventilation. Using a combination of visual and physical scrutiny while factoring in the roofing materials we assess the roof’s structural integrity.

Exterior: Walls and Doors, and Windows & Door Glazing

This section covers the observation of the deficiencies in the exterior walls, doors, windows and other components as it relates to the structural performance, distress, water intrusion and potential of water intrusion as well as to observe and report on the condition and operation of the exterior doors and garage doors.

We will also inspect the condition of the windows, condition of sealant and/or glazing beads, the presence and condition of window and door screens and the inspection of burglar bars for safe/unsafe exits. We look for all signs of distress and safe exits or lack of it.

Interior: Walls, Doors, Ceilings, Floors & Attic

Looking at the interior structure, we will observe any deficiencies of the walls, ceilings, and floors as related to the structural performance and water penetration. Operation of accessible doors and inspection of steps, stairways, balconies, and railings is also included in this section.We check attic and roof supporting system thoroughly paying attention to connections, insulation & sufficiency of insulation, ventilation & sufficiency of ventilation, proper/improper termination of vents, signs of water penetration/damage, and condition of sheathing materials or any roof penetrations, and presence/absence of fire-stops where needed/required. Many roofs fail from lack of proper supporting systems.

Fireplace & Chimney

The visible components and structure of the chimney(s) and fireplace(s) are carefully inspected including the interior of the firebox condition and the visible flue area, including other safety features or lack of them. We will also inspect operation of the damper and gas log lighter valves for function and gas leaks.

Stairs, Carports, Porches & Decks

All stairs, steps, porches, decks, balconies and carports are inspected for structural performance and condition of visible footings, joists, decking, railings and attachment points, where applicable. We look for proper materials, conditions, and attachments emphasizing all safety aspects and requirements.

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