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Heating Systems & Thermostats

We will identify the type of heating system and its energy sources. The system will be operated and checked for its overall condition. Condition of burner and its components, any scale build-up as well as vent type, condition, draft, termination, and proximity to combustibles is observed. Flame, gas branch line materials and connections, and gas shut-off valve will be checked for presence, location, and leaks. Operability of elements in electric furnaces is determined. Condition and operation of thermostats is inspected with all deficiencies reported.

Plenum, Ducts, Vents, Flues

We will observe the condition of vents and flue system components, routing of visible and accessible ducts, and plenums. Inspection of duct fans, filters, and air flow at supply registers are checked.

Cooling Systems Other Than Evaporative Coolers

Let us cool down for a little bit. We will identify the type of system and its energy sources. Condition, size and age will be reported including lack of safety issues and clearances. The unit will be operated and inspected for its proper performance and observed for the presence and drainage of the condensate and secondary drain lines.

Evaporative Coolers

Here we will operate the motor, identify its speed, and check its connections and power source. Function of pump and condition of squirrel cage, tubing, bleeder system, water supply line, float bracket, air gap, fan and its belt and pulleys are checked. Damper location and observation of water trays, interior registers, and supply ducts are checked.

Attic Power Vents

We will inspect the condition of the unit and check the operation of the thermostat control, if possible, and observe speed, sound, and vibration level.

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