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Dishwasher, Food Waste Disposer & Trash Compactor

We will inspect the overall condition and mounting of the dishwasher, food disposer and trash compactor. Dishwasher and Disposer units will be operated and checked for the presence of water leaks. The trash compactor will be checked for its operation and mounting. All units will be checked for missing, damaged and/or rusted parts, proper & safe wiring, and excessive vibrations &/or noise. We run the dishwasher through a complete normal cycle.

Ranges, Built-in ovens & Cooktops (Electric & Gas)

We will inspect the overall condition and operation of the appliance. Improper materials for the gas branch line, old/unsafe gas valves, and connection to appliance will also be reported. The presence, location, and accessibility of the gas shut-off valve as well as any leaks will also be observed. All missing/damaged parts will be reported along with any non/poor functioning items. We will inspect all cooking burners, the heating elements, and the thermostat. Lighting, operation and condition of flame will be checked. Accuracy of thermostat and its sensing element for proper support will be observed using electronic thermometers. We will check for loss of heat around door seals. We will check for improper visible wiring, if any. Here we will inspect the condition and mounting of the oven.

Microwave Oven

We will inspect the condition & any missing/damaged parts and observe the oven operation using water and electronic lamps. We check for any radiation leaks using electronic testers.

Range, Bathroom Exhaust Vents & Electric Heaters

The scope of the inspection for the range exhaust vent includes the inspection of the condition & type of the filter, vent pipes, switches and observation of blower’s speed, sound and vibration level. Proper termination of vent pipe is observed as well. The bathroom exhaust vent and electric heater inspection includes operation and sound, speed, vibration level and proper termination.

Doorbell & Chimes

Here the bell will be rung to check the condition, operation, and installation of the unit. No mechanical system is too small or insignificant. Nothing is taken for granted.

Whole House Vacuum System

We will inspect the condition, proper/unsafe wiring & any missing/damaged parts. We will observe the operation by checking suction of the system at several locations.

Other Built-in Appliances

Here we will inspect the condition & any missing/damaged parts, condition and the operation of the appliance will be inspected.

Garage Door Operators

The garage door operator will be inspected for condition and operation, and presence/absence of automatic reversing mechanism and proper location, manual locks/pull ropes removed/disabled. Garage door will be inspected for automatic reversing during closing cycle.

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