Forensic Investigations/Expert Testimony

Whether it is a hurricane, flood, hail storm, lightning strikes, blizzard, tornado, fire, or any sudden or impact damage, Foresight Engineering and Inspections, LLC. is experienced and well prepared to provide damage assessments and reports in a very timely manner.  Our engineering experts specialize in the investigation of complex structural failures and other accidents, and are able to quickly and cost-effectively determine the cause and extent of incidents and failures.

Assessing structural failures can be a daunting task as there are many potential contributing factors.  Using our technical knowledge, expertise, and professional experience, our experienced engineers provide thorough investigations, forensic services, consulting and expert witness services for property owners, insurance companies, courts of law, businesses and others in settling disputes, establishing causal relationships, determining liability, and/or designing repairs.

Foresight Engineering and Inspections, LLC. performs a variety of investigations on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to determine the scientific factors relating to the system or component failure, identify the cause of the system or component failure, and establish liability causation of damage.

The use of scientific or engineering principles to analyze evidence recovered by detailed field investigation is the pillar of our forensic practice.  Investigations are all about the evidence, knowing how and where to gather the evidence, and having the talent and experience to understand the clues that the evidence presents.  This insight often leads to further evidence recovery and understanding.  Once the evidence recovery process is exhausted, sound unbiased conclusions are drawn in the form of a very detailed and easy to understand report.


Foresight Engineering, LLC. provides a wide range of forensic investigation services including:

  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Fire/Flood/Wind/Hail Damage Investigations and Assessments
  • Water Intrusion/Plumbing Leak/Moisture Intrusion Investigations
  • Drainage Issues and Grading Evaluations
  • Roof Damage and Leak Investigations
  • Construction Defects and/or Failures
  • Structural Failure and Sudden Impact Investigations
  • Floor Slab & Foundation Investigations
  • Concrete Failures
  • Moisture, Mold, and Mildew Damage Assessments
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony Services


Foresight Engineering and Inspections, LLC. performs the following services for expert testimony/litigation support cases:

  • Technical analysis of complaint (merit of the case)
  • Technical assistance in preparation of case
  • Preparation of technical expert reports
  • Evaluation of other or opposing technical expert’s reports and countering their evaluations with technical reasoning
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