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Water Supply Fixtures, Drains & Venting

We will inspect the type, condition, installation, operation and presence of back-flow/anti-siphon devices of accessible and visible fixtures. We will check for mis-match of piping materials which could cause havoc. All visible water supply, waste water, and vent pipes are observed for type, condition, routing, and functionability. Commodes, bathtubs, and vanities are inspected for cracks, proper mounting, and leaks. All accessible supply and drain pipes and shower pans are checked for leaks. All fixtures and faucets are operated simultaneously at least 2 (normally 3) at a time.

Hydrotherapy or Whirlpool Equipment

We will inspect the condition and operation of the equipment as well as evidence of leaks. The operation of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) will be inspected, if present, and observed. All plumbing, electrical and pumps under the unit are inspected where possible.

Water Heaters

We will identify the type of heating system and its energy sources and inspect tank and fittings for leaks and corrosion. The system will be operated and checked for its overall condition. Condition of burner and its components, any scale build-up as well as vent type, condition, draft, termination, and proximity to combustibles is observed. Flame, gas branch line materials and connections, and gas shut-off valve will be checked for presence, location, and leaks. Operability of elements in electric water heaters is determined. Condition and operation of thermostats is inspected and all deficiencies reported. Temperature and pressure (T & P) relief valve piping is observed and checked for gravity drainage. We will observe for proper size, material, and termination of the drain pipe, &/or drain pan discharge pipe when required. Temperature & pressure relief valves are operated when feasible and safe to operate. All safety aspects are inspected and all deficiencies reported.

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