Great Engineer
– Steve W., realtor 02/2017

Fantastic service and very professional. Victor did inspections on two different homes for us over the past month, both on short notice, and each resulted in a very thorough report that assisted greatly in negotiations. Above all else, the detailed report let us know what issues needed to be fixed before moving into our first home. Thanks, Victor!
– Ben D. 01/2017

Great service.
– Jackie L. 01/2017

Victor is a very impressive inspector who is the most detailed that I have ever worked with, which helps tremendously in the negotiation process. As I realtor, I would recommend Victor to anyone who needs a home inspection.
– Blake P., realtor, 12/2016

They did a really great job! Victor saved me a lot of money and did our house inspection perfectly! I highly recommend this engineering company.
– Iman K. 11/2016

Victor and Foresight Engineering provided us with outstanding service. He arrived for the inspection of our potential new home with only a few days notice, and he was able to present us with a full written report in little over a day. Victor was very detailed during the inspection and walked us through the process to ensure that we would understand. Meanwhile, his report contained excellent specifics and became an excellent tool for us in negotiations. I strongly recommend Victor and his company to all prospective home buyers.
– Ben D. 11/2016

Mr. Varma was very professional and exhibited great customer service. He came out to the home on short notice to do an inspection. I was grateful that he was able to come out on the same day that he was called. During the inspection, he was very thorough and explained everything in detail to me. I would recommend him and the company to anyone that needs inspections or foundation work. Thanks again for the great experience!
– Tiffanie M. 11/2016

Victor and Foresight Engineering provided an excellent service to me and my wife in the inspection of our new home. He was available on very short notice; provided a very thorough and knowledgeable inspection report; and allowed us to negotiate the final price down of our home by a considerable amount. Our investment in Foresight’s inspection paid out 700%. A lot of other inspectors would have likely rushed through the inspection and given the house the ok without a thorough review that gives the advantage to the buyer (both for price negotiation and information on their new purchase). Foresight’s inspection took around 5 hours, but it was totally worth it. A very different experience from our last home inspector. Foresight’s reports are super thorough and invaluable, not only for negotiation, but to know what it is you have to do to bring your home to standard. He saw things that we would never have thought of. In the end, what we did was attach a dollar amount to every improvement that Victor suggested and used that dollar amount to negotiate the price of our home down by a considerable amount. We will continue to use Foresight to consult with for any repairs on our new home and for any future inspections that we may require. Foresight’s experience in custom home building and engineering bring an invaluable perspective to home inspection that allows the buyer to have the foresight necessary for a successful home purchase and proper maintenance of a home, usually a family’s most valuable asset. With all sincerity, we unconditionally recommend Victor and Foresight engineering for home inspection and consultation.
– Nelson O., 11/2015

Mr. Varma was very nice & took the time to explain everything. I would highly recommend them.
Project: Inspect, Analyze or Certify the Condition of a Roof
– Janice J., 05/2009

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