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Foresight performs the following listed optional inspections and many more. Please call us to let us know of your special needs.

Lawn & Gardner Sprinkler Systems

We will observe the operation, water flow and pressure, condition and mounting of control box, and check for evidence of water leaks. Installation and presence of anti-siphon valves, and shut-off valves are also checked. Safety features or lack of safety features will be checked.

Swimming Pools & Equipment (Spas & Hot Tubs)

We will determine and identify the type of pool construction, pressure and flow of water, note the condition of the pool for cracks and signs of deterioration, and inspect condition of decks, slides, and other equipment. Observation, presence, and performance of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is inspected. We will inspect condition, function, and connections of pump motors, controls, grounding, and proper wiring.

Gas heaters and gas shut-off valves are inspected for connections, materials, and evidence of leaks at valve. Inspection of condition of filter tank pressure gauge, above ground water leaks, and condition of enclosures is also checked. Below grade leaks, if any is beyond the scope of this inspection, which is best provided by experienced pool companies and licensed plumbers.


We will inspect the building for structural performance, water penetration, and compliance with electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling standards very similar to houses.

Wood Destroying Insects (W.D.I.)

The purpose of this type of inspection is to provide a report regarding the absence or presence of Wood Destroying Insects (W.D.I.). The inspection provides basis for recommendations of preventive or remedial action to minimize economic losses. There must be visible evidence of active infestation in the structure or visible evidence of a previous infestation in the structure with no evidence of prior treatment to recommend a corrective treatment. We will describe the structure inspected and provide a report including measurements, areas of present or previous W.D.I. activity, and conducive conditions to infestation by W.D.I. Besides checking for various types of termites, we also look other wood destroying insects; like carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood boring beetles, and wood destroying organisms.

Outdoor Cooking Equipment

The Foresight Inspector will inspect the overall condition of the outdoor cooking unit checking connections, gas branch line, and detection of leaks at visible lines and the gas shut-off valve. The unit will be checked for stability and operated.

Gas Lines

The condition and type of all accessible and visible piping will be inspected. The visible gas lines are checked for condition and any leaks. Inspection of underground plumbing is beyond the scope of this inspection, but can be arranged for additional cost. Let us know in advance if you plan to do so it can be arranged.

Private Water Wells

Here we will operate the unit, observe water pressure and flow through fixtures, observe condition of accessible equipment and wiring, and observe condition of site drainage around wellhead. We will recommend, perform, or arrange a coliform and e-coli analysis to be performed.

Individual Private Sewage Systems (Septic Systems)

We will operate plumbing fixtures, check for evidence of effluent seepage flow by running a special fluorescent dye through the fixtures, inspect for inadequate site drainage, observe proximity of surrounding equipment and water sources, and determine type of system and location of drain field. We will check operation of aerators, dosing pumps, and proper wiring when such equipment is present.

Exterior Insulation Finish (Synthetic Stucco) Systems

This is a very important type of inspection if exterior cladding on the property is EIFS, commonly called as Artificial/Synthetic Stucco, which is known to cause havoc if not properly installed. The house should be checked inside and outside for any/possible moisture penetration, signs of mold/mildew, workmanship, EIFS terminations, around penetrations, around window/door openings, flashing’s and EIFS junctions with different building materials.

Built-In-Security & Fire Protection Equipment

We do not inspect security systems.

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